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We only do Exterior Water Control.

Why limit it?

Because we believe it is better to keep the water out in the first place then to invite it in and pump it back out.

Once the water infiltrates your house it can bring with it-mold, mildew and all those other fun things people don’t necessarily want to live with.

We approach every water infiltration problem with a “common sense” style.

White frame gutter guard system, with gray horizontal and vertic

First thing – LOOK UP!

Do you have gutters and proper downspout extensions in place? If not this is a good place to start. You need to keep the water as far away from your house as possible.


Is the grade or ground sloping right into your house? If so this where Koch Landscaping & Hauling will begin. We offer 3 options to control exterior water from entering your building.

  • Grading – We will look for a negative pitch (one that goes into your house) and begin by correcting the pitch to direct water away from your house. This is typically the cheapest and easiest way to go and where we try to start.

  • French Drain – Sometimes correcting the pitch isn’t enough so we install a shallow surface draintile. This will typically be installed 12 inches below the surface. We will dig out a cavity, place a 4-inch perforated draintile surrounded by ¾ clear drainage aggregate, separate this with filter fabric and cover this with a shallow amount of native soil to make it invisible.
  • Exterior Waterproofing – When a problem is really bad we will excavate all the soil down to the footing and haul this away. Then we clean the foundation wall, apply a roll on rubber membrane/waterproofing material. After this is complete we will backfill with a clean draining sand and then place a 12″ clay (soil based material) cap to divert surface water.

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